I recently published part of my research work on sustainable materials on “Industrial Crops and Products” where I've explored natural resources and “green composites” materials as an answer to current environmental challenges. In this work, the development of a new “green composite” material, resulting from a three-year project is presented. This new material was developed from a designer’s perspective in order to bring a new collaborative and systemic approach to sustainability innovation. The overall aim of this research is to develop an understanding on sustainable materials being developed by collaborative teams and especially by designers. 



The search for more environmentally friendly materials is crucial in reducing the depletion of non renewable material resources, and designers have now not only the opportunity to create products, but to infuse sustainability into our lives through the development of more sustainable materials. Within this work it is possible to reflect on the dynamicity of designers' work and on the experimentation with materials. In general, designer’s incursion in sustainable material developments is becoming vibrant and progressive. Their role and their systemic way of thinking and seeing the world, brings new approaches to new material developments and a fresh view to sustainability issues.