After working in the industry for several years, Omar has a design process with an emphasis in the role of Industrial Design in the Product Development process.

His aim with this design process and as a team working designer is to deliver thoughtful, liable and unique solutions that make people fall in love with brands. As an overview process, the graph below highlights the phases and the active participation of Omar and other co-designers (activities are an example and not all are included  since these may vary from project to project), as well as other activities by other disciplines linked to the project.

Designers participate all along the process in the product development, Omar's process makes emphasis in the phases where design is used as a strategy for the product inception and in the Creative Synthesis phase, where constant iteration is required. His philosophy is based in Design Thinking, defined as the ability to combine empathy, creativity and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success. Omar uses this approach to work in every project he faces to go beyond common solutions. He strongly believes that huge changes in the world and society are possible through design.


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